Chapel of São José in Quebrantões

José Fernando Gonçalves


José Fernando Gonçalves

Open Visits

Saturday: 9h - 16h

Sunday: 11h30 - 16h30

Regular Visits


Saturday: 11h, 12h

Sunday: 11h30, 12h30

José Fernando Gonçalves

Maximum 30 people per visit

No reservation required; first-come, first-served

Wheelchair access

Photography allowed


The chapel of São José in Quebrantões, a project by architect José Fernando Gonçalves, is a simple work but one that is able to elevate us to the most pure spiritual essence. Following a certain Nordic tradition, this building and its refined decoration expresses itself in the “truth of the materials”: the cement bricks, the concrete in plain sight, or the pinewood. The development of the rectangular plan, between the entrance at the small square and the indoor patio, cuts through highlighting the inclination of the ceiling and providing, besides the natural light, a hierarchy of the auditorium over the other volumes. The sensibility and the finesse with which the whole building is designed are symbolically present in the bell that discards the traditional tower and is embed, topping the entry wall.


Rua Dr. Alfredo Faria Magalhães


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Public Transport

Bus: Espirito Santo: 32

Subway: Line D, Jardim do Mouro