Marques Gomes Palace

António Correia da Silva


Espólio da família Marques Gomes; Ricardo Coimbra

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Saturday: 16h

Sunday: 15h, 16h


Saturday: 15h

Domingues Tavares

Maximum 25 people per visit

No reservation required; first-come, first-served

Wheelchair access

Photography not allowed


In the beginning of the 20th Century, Marques Gomes made his fortune in Brazil. The palace he ordered to be built, in the high plains of the Douro river, paid its dues until, after three decades, it didn’t resist the disconnection of the familiar structure that sustained it. The blackwood forests slowly took over the old lands, absorbing the exotic species and the orderly plantations. The ruin, the fire and the pillage destroyed the scenario of a possible memory. We can now see the outline of a recovery but still with an uncertain destiny. But it can resurface as a mark of a territory that does not cease to transform itself, offering a sign of the reconstruction of memory as the culture of a place, regardless of the use that is conferred to it.


Rua Manuel Marques Gomes


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